Caleb “Pistol” Robinson had barely returned from an injury when he retired from professionally riding bulls in 2014.

“I got hurt in 2012, and worked all full year to make it back on the PBR tour. Then I came back in 2014, but by the point it just became mundane,” Robinson said. “Riding bulls was slowly becoming not my full-time passion.”

While riding bulls was not his passion, working with them is.
“I always liked the bull-side of the competition and how they did the futurities,” Robinson said.

Robinson said he was interested in the business behind events from the start of his riding career. His pursuits in the industry took off in 2008, when got his first set of cows.

After retiring from his bull riding, he began getting involved with bull team challenges and stock contracting full time.

Pistol Robinson
Pistol Robinson during his career.

Robinson said he feels blessed to have a career that satisfies his desire to work with bucking stock, because he has no desire to ride them anymore.

“My whole career I envisioned my bull rides in my mind,” Robinson said. “Whenever I watch these bulls buck, I can still feel what that kick or hop-skip felt like.”

Robinson said his ability to read the bull’s moves help him put together teams of bulls that the riders can mark well on. He’s learned to gauge both bull and rider characteristics for favorable matches.

Robinson said “Maybe that’s why we’ve had some luck, we’re putting together a set of bulls that really buck, but feel right as well.”

Robinson has competed in multiple bull team challenges, and says he’s been on board with Bull West Live from the first time he heard about it.

Bull West Live Teams are made of bulls, riders, owners and handlers that prepare for and compete at Tour Stops together. Thus they win, or lose, with the team; no individual checks are awarded.

“Being able to pick your bull’s rider is a definite game-changer,” Robinson said.

Robinson said the Bull West Live competition format will allow bull owners more opportunity to control their win than any event before.

If teams can make money by getting to know their bulls and riders, that means Tour Stop attendees can too with the Bull West Live Gaming system!

For more information on becoming part of a Bull West Live Team or Tour Stops visit our website.