How much is a bucking bull worth?

Our bulls start at $100,000, which is the normal price for young animals with quality, DNA-verified parentages. Proven bucking bulls can go for as much as $500,000 because they are bovine athletes at the top of their game.

Why are they called “bucking” bulls?

The American Bucking Bull is a unique breed named for its bucking behavior. While you can train any animal to a certain extent, he won’t find success if he doesn’t care to buck. American Bucking Bulls have the inherent drive to buck, which makes them formidable athletes.

How are bucking bulls classified?

Bucking bulls are classified by age into the following categories:

  • Yearling Futurities – animals approaching two years old.
  • Futurities – animals who are two years old. They buck with remote-controlled boxes on their backs that are released after four seconds.
  • Derby – Animals who are three years old. At this point, the bulls can compete in Professional Bull Riders (PBR) events with cowboys who try to stay on their backs for eight seconds.
  • Classics – Animals who are three and four years old.
  • Maturity – Animals who are five years old and beyond.

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